Tae Kwon Do has helped me gain confidence in life.It has also trained me in self-discipline. Tae Kwon Do is great at helping me stay in shape and build my character. And if you look at it with a good attitude Tae Kwon Do is a lot of fun!


Master L Nikkel

Master L. Nikkel

- Jung Do Tae Kwon Do club Master

Master Tyler Buckingham

- Winnipeg Branch Manager/Instructor, 4th dan

- I've earned my Black Belt in 1996 and my favorite thing about Taekwondo is teaching. (A close second is 540 turn back jump roundhouse).

-I like being able to make a difference in a student's training. It feels really good to know that I've helped someone, even in a small way.This is why I keep coming back!

- My future goals are to continue to grow and support Jung Do as a school for teaching valuable life skills to students of all ages.

- The best time to train is when you don't feel like training. No matter how tired, or sore, or frustrated you are, you will feel much better after some taekwondo! Sometimes we forget the simple pleasure of accomplishing something by doing a physical activity.

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Mrs. K. Swan (McCulloch)

- Steinbach Branch Manager/Instructor, 4th Dan

- Started TKD at age 8, obtained black belt at age 15.

- My favorite aspects of TKD have always been patterns and spinning kicks.

- As a black belt I want to be an example of true internal strength and confidence to the students I teach. Obtaining my black belt has meant the opportunity to teach others what I love. I'll always be chasing my goal of technical excellence in both my own skills as a black belt and as an instructor of Tae Kwon Do.

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Mrs. Pat Buckingham

- Instructor, Winnipeg Branch

- I got my Black Belt in 1999 and I am now 4th dan.

- My favorite thing about tkd is the feeling of "family" I get at class; the encouragement and support the students give each other. I also love surviving a good workout and learning something new. Getting my black belt was one of the hardest things I have done in my life and one of the achievements I am most proud of.

- I love teaching a class and observing students who are trying as hard as they can. I also enjoy the challenge of conducting a class that keeps the students engaged and stimulated. Every class is different and much depends on the students, I gauge how hard I can push the students and the directions I call out by observing the energy, focus, and mood of the class.

- My future goal is to continue to train until I can't walk anymore and also to help the club to flourish in any way I can.

- My advice to students is to always try one hundred and ten percent in everything they do and not to get discouraged because with practice and determination anything is possible.

Mrs. Gail Cielen

-Instructor, Winnipeg Branch

-I received my 1st level black belt in 2000 and I am now 4rth dan.

- My favorite thing about TKD are the teaching the skills I have learned over the years.

-What I like most about teaching is seeing students succeed in theirendeavors, be it the next belt level or getting a pattern right.

-My future TKD goals are to see more Lil' dragons succeed to the black belt level.

- My advice to new and current students is to persevere. Nothing is impossible.

Mr. James Berena

-Instructor, Winnipeg Branch

Miss Cheryl Mendoza

-Instructor, Winnipeg Branch

Mr. Daniel DeGuzman

- Instructor, Winnipeg Branch

- I got my Black Belt in 2002 and am now a 2nd dan.

- Since Jung Do is such a family oriented TKD club my favorite thing about TKD is being with family.

- The part I like most about teaching is being able to share my passion about TKD with my students.

- In the future I would like to open my own TKD school.

- If I could share one piece of advice with my students I would encourage them to find someone to watch and watch them carefully because you'll only get better by watching the best. - ie My First Instructor.

- And don't be afraid to ask for help - we're all family here.

Miss Charmaine Mendoza

- Instructor, Winnipeg Branch

- Poome belt since 2008

- My favorite thing about Tae Kwondo is that it keeps me fit.I also likemeetingnew students, and spending time with family.

- The part I like the most about teaching is the responsibility of leading. Having a Black Belt at such a young age means young kids close to my age have a great example of what they too can achieve.

- Now that I've achieved my goal of earning my Black Belt, my new goal is to be a help to students with the things theyhavetrouble with.

- If I could teach my young students one thing it would be that fightingis the last thing you want to do in a conflict.

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